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Hello, I am Marco Ramos!

My Bio

Hi everyone,

I'm Marco Ramos, a 30 years old geek from Portugal who love web/mobile development.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and several years working on different projects gave me the experience across the WebStack.


Design patterns Clean code Soccer Gym Tech conferences Cinema

My skils & Background

C# | 8+ years
.NET | 8+ years
.NET Core & EF Core | 3+ years
Javascript | 8+ years
VueJs | 3+ years
Typescript | 3+ years

Technologies & Frameworks


.Net Core
.Net Framework





Mobile apps

Responsive Design
Progressive Apps

Marco Ramos

Personal Website

My Formation

High School

Escola Secundária Pinha do Rei - Marinha Grande
2002 » 2008 (6 years)

Academic Training in Information and Communication Technologies


Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão - Leiria
2008 » 2012 (4 Years)

Degree in Computer Science - Information Systems Specialization

My Career

WebDeveloper - Pimpumplay

03/2011 » 07/2011 (4 Months)

Development of an e-commerce solution for children's toys and educational games;
Ensure the integrity and migration of data in the old system.

FullStack Developer - ZENN Web Solutions

08/2011 » 04/2018 (6 Years and 8 Months)

Development and maintenance of applications for Web environment (WebSites, E-Commerce, Web Services, Mobile Applications).
Company based in Leiria - Portugal.

IT Consultant - Plurália

03/2014 » 03/2016 (2 Years)

External consultant and responsible for internal applications and services;
Company based in Luanda - Angola.

Project Manager - JustTh1nk

04/2016 » 04/2018 (2 Years)

Manage and plan the releases for a HR system;
Company based in Leiria - Portugal.

CTO & TeamLeader - ZENN Web Solutions

04/2018 » 12/2020 (2 Years)

Define and plan the features and technology for internal products/systems;
Manage and coordinate the development team;
Company based in Leiria - Portugal.

Senior Software Engineer - Lovys


Company based in Leiria - Portugal.

Some Projects

No projects found